Signs Alcohol Abuse Help is Needed


Most active alcoholics are reluctant to admit they have a problem. They keep denying it and sometimes turn violent whenever the issue is discussed. This makes the problem deteriorate to risky levels. Identifying signs of alcoholism in its early stages is essential to prevent the patient from reaching rock bottom. The following are some of the symptoms that reveal help may be necessary for yourself or a loved one struggling with drinking.

Poor performance is among the main problems that should warn you that your loved one is in need of professional assistance. Employees who used to give excellent performance suddenly become ineffective, start giving excuses why they miss work, and may show up when under influence. For students, grades at school often nosedive suddenly.

If the patient used to drink a case of beer per week, but is drinking at least two cases now, this is a warning that they have built up tolerance against alcohol and require immediate treatment. However, you will need to be smart in establishing this habit, since many alcoholics hide their problem from concerned people by taking little amounts when in front of people, but drinking excessively when with fellow alcoholics. Encourage the patient to seek treatment if you realize they are hiding when drinking alcohol.

Signs Alcohol Abuse Treatment Programs Are Needed

Extreme mood swings is another common problem. The patients appear stressed and depressed at one time, but after taking alcohol become euphoric. The moods of the patients start being determined by whether they have taken their regular dose. These patients also become arrogant and aggressive whenever the topic concerning alcohol is introduced. Inability to control their mood swings has been attributed to a high rate of patients committing suicide.

Loss of sexual interest is another indicator that the patient has crossed the line into alcohol abuse. They may become entirely engrossed in seeking and taking alcohol so that they forget about family issues. Alcohol also has toxic elements that can destroy a healthy sexual life, making it important to look for professional treatment to help victims regain their normal health.

If you realize that you cannot stop taking alcohol despite how much you want to, that is a sign that you need assistance. Sometimes patients might be seeing the side effects of alcohol abuse in their life, financial stability, and their family ties, but they have no ability to stay sober. Additionally, the development of cravings and withdrawal effects when they miss their regular dose is a warning sign that they need to seek professional help 800-303-4372.

Alcoholism is an expensive habit to maintain, hence patients often become financially strapped, causing them to neglect their personal hygiene, family, bills, and other costs they are supposed to take care of. However, this sign is only detectable in people with average incomes.

Deteriorated health is another essential warning you should look out for. Alcohol sometimes induces anorexia, causing the patient to have very poor health. Drastic deterioration of character is another common warning that someone requires professional treatment. If you realize that people used to seek your assistance on various issues but they have been avoiding you, get assistance to reform your character.

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